Stephen Colbert Explains Donald Trump's Kid-Like Response To LGBTQ Ruling

"The Late Show" host mocked the president for looking a bit unprepared in his comments about the landmark Supreme Court decision.

Stephen Colbert noticed that President Donald Trump appeared unprepared to comment thoughtfully on the Supreme Court’s big ruling Monday.

In a defeat for Trump, two conservative justices joined liberals in declaring that LGBTQ employees are protected against discrimination by the Civil Rights Act. And a Trump appointee, Justice Neil Gorsuch, wrote the opinion.

“This is a momentous change in LGBTQ rights because now they have them!” Colbert said on “The Late Show.”

But if the host was looking for some informed perspective from the president, he wasn’t getting it.

“They’ve ruled and we live with their decision,” Trump said at a roundtable. “That’s what it’s all about ... a very powerful decision, actually.”

“Wow, he’s got real kid-who-didn’t-do-the-required-reading-energy,” Colbert cracked.

Watch him riff above.