Stephen Colbert Attempts To List Everything Trump Has Attacked Harder Than Nazis

"Late Show" host slams the president's response to Charlottesville.

CBS “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert offered a little demonstration for President Donald Trump on Monday night. 

Trump at first refused to specifically condemn white supremacists for the weekend’s violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, instead blaming “many sides.”

And Colbert came down hard on the president. 

“It is difficult to express how heartbreaking it is to see something like this happening in our country,” Colbert said. “But here’s one thing that’s not difficult to express: Nazis are bad. The KKK? I’m not a fan. That wasn’t hard. I enjoyed saying it.”

Colbert then launched into a full takedown of Trump’s tepid response to the violence... and then attempted to name many of the things the president has verbally attacked with more gusto than Nazis. 

Check it out above.