Stephen Colbert Shares His Post-Election Thanksgiving Survival Tips

"Remember, an idle jaw is the devil's playpen."

Stephen Colbert has your back this Thanksgiving.

The “Late Show” host shared some crucial survival tips that he hopes will help everyone get through what could be a tense holiday, following Donald Trump’s presidential election victory.

This year, you have a family duty to treat your political opinion just like grandma’s jello mold,” the comedian said on Wednesday night’s broadcast. “Choke it down and keep it down until the guests leave.”

Colbert then offered up some lighthearted advice on how to keep calm and carry on — including switching up the pumpkin pie recipe to include the drug Xanax, instead of nutmeg, and eating at all times.

“Remember, an idle jaw is the devil’s playpen,” he quipped.

Check out the rest of Colbert’s tips in the clip above.

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