Colbert Audience Erupts After He Slams Trump's 'F**king Insane' New Lie

The "Late Show" host takes on the president's latest "ongoing national scandal."

Stephen Colbert can’t figure out why President Donald Trump keeps changing his story on how he botched the name of Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Trump referred to him as “Tim Apple” at a White House event last week, which led to Cook changing his Twitter name as a joke the following day.

“All in good fun, and it was over,” the “Late Show” host said. “But now it has re-blossomed into an ongoing national scandal that we’re calling Applegate (Not Christina).”

Trump on Friday reportedly told GOP donors at his Florida resort that he got the name right but had said “Cook” really fast and people missed it.

Then, on Twitter, he offered yet another explanation, admitting he said it that way but because it was “an easy way to save time & words.”

Colbert isn’t buying it.

“Mr. President, words don’t just disappear from the middle of sentences,” Colbert said. “Unless it’s CBS bleeping me when I say excuses like this are fucking insane.”

The network, of course, bleeped out the curse word.

“Did I say ‘Apple-ing’ insane? We’ll never know,” Colbert concluded.

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