Stephen Colbert Actually Just Congratulated Donald Trump For Something

Kind of.

Stephen Colbert actually praised President Donald Trump on Friday’s “Late Show.” Sort of.

With a recent Pew Research Center poll putting Trump’s global approval rating at a paltry 22 percent, it was enough to inspire Colbert to do a little song and dance.

“Mr. President. Congratulations, you’ve united the planet,” he sarcastically quipped, before busting out these moves:

“Trump is unpopular in six continents. Yes, the only place they like him is Antarctica,” said Colbert. “But I tell you what though, do not tell those penguins about pulling out of the Paris accords.”

Colbert later revealed there was one place where confidence in America is actually surging, however.

Find out where it is in the full segment above, although you can probably guess.