Stephen Colbert Is Thankful For Donald Trump

Seriously! Sorta!

Stephen Colbert has a lot look forward to in the new year.

In an interview with CBS’ “Face the Nation,” the comedian said he wants to lose some weight (same) and be surprised “every day” in 2017. Most of all, he’s thankful and excited for a Donald Trump presidency ― if only because the president-elect is full of surprises.

What I’m looking forward to? I’m looking forward to being surprised because that’s what you want every day. I want to be surprised. And that’s the great thing about Donald Trump, is that, boy, he did surprise a lot of people, didn’t he?” Colbert told host John Dickerson.

Mr. Trump is such a large figure, that he will continue to be, I think, the story that we can tell with jokes on a daily basis because he keeps breaking rules ― or norms. Not rules. He keeps on breaking norms. And the breaking of those norms is such a surprising thing that it’s, like, a firecracker every day. And you get to report on the sound of that firecracker every day.

Colbert never expected a Trump presidency, and he admitted that a lot of his programming on election night had to be ad-libbed due to the unexpected outcome. But it’s more important than ever to stay focused on what we have: Trump is more than just a comedy opportunity, Colbert said. He’s our future, love it or hate it.

“Now, I have no choice but to actually enjoy this incredible gift every day that Mr. Trump will be,” Colbert said.

Colbert added that he wouldn’t deny Trump a chance to appear on his show. And he could probably use the jump in viewers Trump would provide: Colbert’s ratings haven’t gone his way in the “Late Show’s” first year.

Colbert’s interview with Dickerson will air on “Face the Nation” this Sunday.