Stephen Colbert Exposes Trump-Backed Candidate's Problem In 2 Scathing Words

The host of the "Late Show" explains why one MAGA candidate is 10 points behind in the polls.

Former President Donald Trump’s endorsement doesn’t have the same punch as it used to. On Thursday, Stephen Colbert pointed to one MAGA candidate who is struggling: Doug Mastriano.

Mastriano, the Trump-backed Republican nominee for governor in Pennsylvania, is down by 10 points in the FiveThirtyEight average, and “The Late Show” host broke the candidate’s problem down to just two words.

“He suuuuuucks!” Colbert said, stretching out that second word as the audience cheered.

“Among the ways that he sucks, he attended the Jan. 6 riot, has a long-standing association with Christian nationalist ideas, proposed charging women who violate an abortion ban with murder, is connected to a social media site run by a notorious anti-Semite and was photographed wearing a Confederate uniform.”

“Because historically, nothing projects winner like a Confederate soldier in Pennsylvania,” Colbert added.

Mastriano’s tanking popularity also led to an embarrassing moment this week when he held a rally and almost nobody came.

See more in Colbert’s Thursday night monologue:

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