Stephen Colbert Rips Facebook For Restricting Fake News After Trump Win

"Stupid f**king cows."

“The Late Show” host took the social media giant to task Tuesday for waiting until after Donald Trump won the presidency to restrict the fake news stories that had proliferated on the site.

Some of the massively shared articles were reportedly penned by teenagers in Macedonia and featured negative Hillary Clinton angles to attract Trump supporters, Colbert noted.

Given that a reported 44 percent of Americans get their news from Facebook (where “It’s OK to poke without consent”), the clickbait had an effect, Colbert said.

“There is some good news,” he said in the bit, which begins at the 5:00 mark above. “As of today, Facebook will restrict these fake news sites. Now they’re going to do it. So while we’re at it, let me just close these barn doors so those stupid cows can’t get back in.”

“Enjoy your fields, stupid f**king cows.”

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