Stephen Colbert Gives Florida A Damning New State Motto For Coronavirus

And the slogan matches the moment.

Stephen Colbert is offering Florida a new slogan in light of its out-of-control coronavirus outbreak.

In his Thursday night monologue, Colbert remarked on a report that said the state’s health officials were blaming “unabated tourism and a disregard for basic health precautions” for the surge in infections, hospitalizations and deaths.

“Coincidentally, that’s also Florida’s state motto,” “The Late Show” host cracked. “Sounds better in Latin.”

He suggested that one Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendation for avoiding infection could be: “Don’t go to Florida.”

Despite the dire situation, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has actively resisted public health protections. He attempted to block cruise ships from requiring vaccinations for travelers, threatened schools that attempt mask mandates and resisted any vaccine verification system.

Colbert spotted one image from Florida of shoppers walking into a store where the entrance was the open mouth of a giant, fake shark.

“If only there was some kind of metaphor for willingly strolling into the jaws of doom,” he said.

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