Stephen Colbert Mocks Fox News Over Obama-Romney Polls (VIDEO)

WATCH: Colbert Takes Aim At Fox News Over Polls

Polls can't be trusted, Stephen Colbert joked on Thursday night, and Fox News knows just what he's talking about!

The host mocked the network's reporting of its own polls, which put President Obama ahead of Mitt Romney. He played a clip of a Fox News saying that Obama is up among "likely voters" in three swing states, but loses some of his edge with voters "extremely interested" in the election.

"Yes," Colbert jokingly agreed. "And Romney's tied when you focus on the 'inexpressably intrigued,' and he's up by two points when you count only voters who are psychotically engaged."

He pointed to a montage of clips of Fox News commentators alleging that the polls are "skewed," "oversampled" Democrats, and are simply "scientific gobbledygook."

"The point is the polls showing Romney behind have to be wrong!" Colbert exclaimed.

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