Stephen Colbert Takes Aim At 'Aging Clown Without Makeup' Gary Johnson

He said the Libertarian candidate inhabits another planet.

Stephen Colbert called out Gary Johnson’s “ignorance, crazy ideas and strange tongue exercises” on Thursday.

The Late Show” host turned the spotlight firmly on the Libertarian presidential candidate, who he said may attract votes from those disenchanted with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and the GOP’s Donald Trump.

“Libertarians have long been waiting for a smart respectable candidate to represent their values,” Colbert said, before mockingly adding, “and the wait continues.”

Colbert then attempted to prove his point by playing out footage of Johnson biting his own tongue during a television interview and exploring his bizarre position on climate change.

He also poked fun at Johnson’s embarrassing “What is Aleppo?” gaffe and his recent inability to name a single world leader that he looked up to. 

Check it out in the clip above.