Stephen Colbert Calls Out Hypocrisy Of 'Germaphobe' Donald Trump

The "Late Show" host wishes the president would prevail over his own double standard.

Stephen Colbert wants President Donald Trump to act like the “total germaphobe” he’s known to be ― with all Americans.

The “Late Show” host said Tuesday that the president is “freaking out” after a second White House staffer tested positive for the coronavirus. Even though Trump himself still refuses to wear a mask, the administration has imposed “stringent” measures to protect him, The Washington Post reported, citing a former official who called him a “total germaphobe.”

In the midst of stricter White House protections, Colbert roasted Trump for being such a hypocrite in encouraging states to reduce social distancing and get back to business.

“For a germaphobe, Trump sure is anxious to get the rest of us out in the hot zone,” the comedian said. “It’s the ultimate ‘This milk smells funny. You drink it.’ Also, ‘This bleach smells funny. Drink that too.’”

Watch Colbert’s full takedown above, in which he explains why the country hasn’t quite “prevailed” against the pandemic the way Trump boasts it has.

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