Stephen Colbert Really Needs A Haircut, And He's Not Alone

The late-night host shared his coronavirus coif on Twitter, prompting followers to do the same.

Stephen Colbert has a habit of saying what’s in all of our heads. Now, during the coronavirus epidemic, he’s exposing the truth about what’s on all of our heads: hair that’s gotten too long.

Colbert, who has been filming his late night show from places like his bathtub and backyard since the coronavirus outbreak halted in-studio production in March, shared his quite frankly impressive mane on Twitter on Tuesday alongside the caption, “I might ned a haircut #HeatMiser”

We must say, it’s a pretty spot-on comparison.

It’s something on many of our minds right now, as shelter-in-place orders extend and hair salons, which are deemed nonessential, remain closed. We are left with a few options: be lucky enough to live with someone who knows how to cut hair, be brave enough to give ourselves a chop, or, as is the case with Colbert, let that baby fly.

Frizz-ery loves company, and Colbert’s followers were quick to share their own growing pains.

LOL. More like Stephen Colb-hair, amiright?

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