Stephen Colbert Hammers Trump For Pretending To Fix A Crisis He Started

The late-night host used Trump's own words against him.

Stephen Colbert is not letting President Donald Trump off the hook. 

The “Late Night” host tore into Trump for his self-congratulatory tone while signing an executive order amending his “zero tolerance” immigration policy that has sparked outrage in recent weeks as thousands of immigrant children have been separated from their detained parents seeking asylum at the southern border. Trump’s order, which could face a legal battle, plans to keep detained families together, but it likely does not apply to the more than 2,300 children who have already been separated from their parents.

After playing a clip of Trump signing the executive order and telling reporters that there would be a lot of “happy people” as a result of him doing so, Colbert had one question. 

″Happy people?” Colbert asked. “Wait, are you signing your resignation?”

Check out the full segment in the video below.