Stephen Colbert Likens Trump Presidency To Worst Musical Ever At The Tonys

“And the hair and makeup? Yeesh."

Stephen Colbert, never soft on President Donald Trump, couldn’t get through the 2017 Tony Awards without squeezing in a few comedic digs at him.

While presenting the award for Best Revival of a Musical, Colbert compared Trump’s presidency to what sounded like one of the worst revivals to ever hit (wayyy) off-Broadway.

“It’s been a great year for revivals in general, especially that one they revived down in Washington, D.C.,” Colbert explained, recounting a show that, he said, started in the 1980s “on Fifth Avenue.”

“Huge production values,” he added, before pointing out a few problems: namely, that the main character was “totally unbelievable.”

“And the hair and makeup? Yeesh,” the “Late Show” host said over a laughing crowd’s applause. “This D.C. production is supposed to have a four-year run, but reviews have not been kind. Could close early ― we don’t know! We don’t know.”

The award presented by Colbert eventually went to “Hello, Dolly!,” which beat out competitor “Miss Saigon,” a production Colbert described as “the only pageant girl whose dressing room our president hasn’t walked in on.”

Colbert’s performance had people on Twitter calling for him to host the Tonys next year. If we’re in the business of nominating new hosts, can we also put Rachel Bloom in the running?

Tony Awards 2017
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