Stephen Colbert Shreds Trump-Backed Candidate’s Bonkers Gun Control Plan

The "Late Show" host was baffled by the proposal from GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker.

Stephen Colbert looked at a lot of terrible ideas being pushed by Republicans instead of sensible gun control. But the weirdest one came from ex-football star-turned-politician Herschel Walker.

Walker, the Republican candidate for Senate in Georgia who is backed by former President Donald Trump, suggested “a department that can look at young men that’s looking at women, that’s looking at their social media ― what about doing that?”

“Yeah, what about doing that?” Colbert said on Thursday night. “It’s high time to create the Federal Bureau Of Looking At Young Men Who Are Looking At Women Who Are Looking At Social Media.”

Colbert’s “Late Show” team even came up with a logo for the new federal agency:

Walker’s comments also baffled Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday.

“Did he play without a helmet?” Kimmel asked. “That was quite a journey through the mind he took us on.”

The Cook Political Report has rated the Georgia Senate seat, currently held by Democrat Raphael Warnock, as a tossup. Walker has led all polls tracked by this year except for the most recent one, from 11Alive News in Atlanta, which gave Warnock a 5-point edge.

Watch the rest of Colbert’s monologue here:

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