Stephen Colbert Uncovers A Huge Clue To The Identity Of Anonymous Op-Ed Author

"Late Show" host thinks the "senior official" behind last week's New York Times op-ed may have accidentally exposed himself.

Stephen Colbert thinks he’s figured out which “senior official” in the White House of President Donald Trump was behind last week’s bombshell New York Times op-ed.

And it’s not the “lodestar” everyone else has been looking at.

The author of the editorial claimed to be “part of the resistance” inside the administration “working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.”

Trump has reportedly been working to expose the author, and Colbert thinks one line in a recent report about that effort might be a giveaway.

One administration official reportedly told the president to just “let it pass.”

And this one is very much named.

Find out who it is in the clip above.

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