Stephen Colbert Reveals The Grossest Part Of The Anti-Vaxxer/Deworming Drug Trend

The "Late Show" host takes on the nastiest part of the ivermectin fad among anti-vaxxers.

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert returned from his vacation on Tuesday with a new look for both the show and himself.

The show debuted a new opener:

And Colbert shared his new... well... take a look:

But despite his recent absence, some stories continue to dominate the headlines, including the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and those who refuse to get vaccinated. Some people, he noted, are even taking an unproven medication more commonly used to treat worms, especially in livestock.

“Ivermectin is ineffective against COVID, and when used incorrectly, it can kill you,” Colbert said. “Worst of all, it tastes yucky.”

Those taking it have been going online for advice about how to get past the drug’s taste, such as hiding it in jelly or bananas.

“The terrible taste led one Facebook user to ask, ‘Can I squeeze the paste into my anus instead of my mouth?’” Colbert noted, then answered the question: “Last time I checked, this was America. You bet you can!”

In fact, he added, “It says right on the label: for a horse’s ass.”

See more in his Tuesday night monologue:

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