Stephen Colbert On Jeremy Lin: 'I Have A Raging Case Of Linsanity' (VIDEO)

The Colbert Report

Even Stephen Colbert has fallen victim to the Linsanity spreading throughout New York City. In his first night back on the air after a short break, Colbert couldn't contain his feelings about New York's latest basketball sensation Jeremy Lin.

After briefly celebrating the New York Giants' Super Bowl victory, Colbert turned his attention to the NBA and said that just like all "true New Yorkers, I am caught up in the tidal wave that is New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin."

The Comedy Central host praised Lin for last week's performances and for doing "the unthinkable," making people want to watch the Knicks (apparently the Carmelo Anthony trade didn't quite get the job done). After playing a clip from CNN to bring viewers up to speed on Lin's background story, Colbert explained that he is not a fair weather fan.

"I've been behind my boy Lin since Day 1.. of sometimes last week," he said.

Finally, Colbert talked about what Linsanity feels like, again using a few more clips from CNN, one of which he repeated.

"Yes! I have a raging case of Linsanity. I have been declared legally Linsane. My symptoms.. linsomnia, restless linsyndrome and lintestinal blockage!."

Colbert ended the segment with some marketing ideas - Linoleum Tiles and Jeremy Lint.


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