Stephen Colbert Rips ‘Creepy’ Jim Jordan With Innuendo-Filled Reminder Of His Past

The "Late Show" host taunts the Ohio lawmaker over the allegations he just can't shake.

Stephen Colbert tore into “creepy” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) on Monday for refusing to cooperate with the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol carried about by supporters of former President Donald Trump. And he did it with a not-so-subtle reminder of accusations that have dogged Jordan for years.

“Turns out, after wrestling with the decision, the committee showering him with the opportunity to speak up, Jim Jordan has decided he saw nothing,” Colbert said.

And if that was too subtle, the “Late Show” host added: “Ohio State. Look It Up.”

Colbert was referring to allegations that when Jordan was assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University, he ignored molestation claims against the team’s doctor, including attacks that occurred in the team’s showers.

Although Jordan has denied those charges, several athletes have corroborated the story.

See more in Colbert’s monologue:

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