Stephen Colbert & Jimmy Fallon's Ice Cream War Continues On 'Late Night' (VIDEO)

Former best friends for six months Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert haven't been getting along lately, but that's just because they're in a war over whose Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor is the best. You know, the usual stuff friends fight about.

Although they are currently eternal enemies for six months, we know they still love each other, and on Tuesday night's "Late Night" Colbert decided to show Fallon how much that's true. Using the late night talk show mailing system (an adorable bunny with a messenger bag) Colbert sent Fallon a heartfelt valentine -- then showed up with a "100 gallon pint" of Fallon's ice cream flavor Late Night Snack, or so it seemed.

Colbert actually had an ulterior motive. He popped out of the carton and brought the real Ben & Jerry with him to taunt Fallon because his ice cream, Americone Dream, was outperforming Late Night Snack in sales.

Watch the video above to see what goes down, and look out for something interesting to happen on March 3 when the six months of agreed hatred between the two late night hosts finally comes to an end.