Stephen Colbert Gives Jimmy Kimmel A Taste Of His Own Meanest Medicine

Colbert uses a popular Kimmel segment against him after the late-night host contracted COVID-19 for a second time.

Jimmy Kimmel may have turned “Mean Tweets” into a late-night brand, but Stephen Colbert just borrowed it. And he used it against his late-night rival.

Last month, Colbert had to cancel his show after testing positive for COVID-19. A short time later, Kimmel needed to skip his show after testing positive too.

Colbert soon returned to the air, then abruptly left after experiencing coronavirus symptoms. Shortly after, Kimmel returned to his show, then had to bail when he tested positive again.

“We wish him a speedy recovery,” Colbert said. “But I do wanna point out, getting COVID twice is kinda my thing.”

Since Kimmel took Colbert’s coronavirus thing, Colbert took Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets,” reading aloud insults from Twitter that were aimed at Kimmel:

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