Stephen Colbert Urges Joe Biden To Modernize His Name-Dropping

The presidential hopeful got a hilarious schooling on how to update his campaign talk.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is ahead in the polls but behind the times on his namechecks.

In a Monday segment of  “Doin’ It Donkey Style” on “The Late Show,” host Stephen Colbert teased the former vice president for making old-school references on the campaign trail.

Biden, 76, compared himself to former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger over the weekend, prompting Colbert to hilariously warn the White House hopeful to rethink his mental Rolodex. Biden also briefly confused British Prime Minister Theresa May with the deceased former PM Margaret Thatcher, and that didn’t spark Colbert’s confidence either.

Stick around for the imagined debate between Biden and President Donald Trump.

Watch the segment above.

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