The Missouri Republican fled the U.S. Capitol and then spent months fundraising off a picture of himself raising a fist to rioters.

Stephen Colbert has a new nickname for Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.): Fascist Gump.

Hawley has attracted widespread ridicule since the Jan. 6 committee revealed a video at Thursday’s hearing showing him running from the U.S. Capitol during the 2021 riot, not long after giving a closed-fist salute to insurrectionists outside.

“This weekend, at the right-wing Turning Point USA Summit, we heard from Missouri senator and star of the new film ‘Fascist Gump’ Josh Hawley,” Colbert said Monday on “The Late Show.”

During his speech at the Florida conference, Hawley boasted that he objected to President Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory in Pennsylvania. Hawley did so even after the mob of Donald Trump’s supporters laid siege to the Capitol in an effort to overturn the results.

“I just want to say to all of those liberals out there and the liberal media, just in case you haven’t gotten the message yet: I do not regret it. And I am not backing down. I’m not going to apologize. I’m not going to cower. I’m not going to run from you,” Hawley told the crowd.

“Yeah. He is never going to run from his enemies,” Colbert said. “In fact, here he is on January 6 bravely moonwalking into danger.”

Watch the roast below on “The Late Show”:

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