Stephen Colbert Just Wants Donald Trump's Lawyer To Get His Story Straight

He calls Jay Sekulow "the President Trump of trying to keep President Trump president."

Stephen Colbert took aim Monday at the confusing damage control by President Donald Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow.

After Trump confirmed he was under investigation for obstruction of justice in the FBI’s Russia investigation, Sekulow contradicted the commander-in-chief by saying Trump was not under investigation. Or did he?

During appearances on news shows, the lawyer seemed to say both ― and presented yet another possibility.

“So to recap ... Sekulow is saying Trump is not under investigation, is under investigation, and he has no idea if he’s under investigation,” Colbert said in a monologue on “The Late Show.” “A good lawyer covers his bases. That way when the judge asks how does your client plead, guilty or innocent, he can answer all of the above.”

Watch the full zing-fest above and get caught up on the latest episode of “Survivor: Justice Department Island.”