Stephen Colbert Was Actually In Kanye West's 'Famous' Video This Whole Time

Or was he???

In the few days since Kanye West's celebrity likeness-filled, post-orgy music video for "Famous" was released, it's caused quite a stir online. West even dared the celebrities featured to sue him. Well, looks like he's getting what he asked for by way of Stephen Colbert. 

You might be wondering how Colbert is even involved in this whole mess, and rightfully so. He wasn't in the video, right? 


As the comedian pointed out on "The Late Show" Monday night -- with the help of some ~very real~ video footage -- he was in the bed with Kimye and their famous frenemies. As the camera pans over the naked bodies, it finally reaches Colbert, who informs the viewer, "We just had sex. All of us. At the same time." 

"I wish you could smell it in here," the comedian adds. "It is like a cage at a zoo." 

Clearly, Kanye cut the comedian out because he was nervous Colbert would overshadow him. The rapper better get lawyered up, because we sense a totally real lawsuit coming his way.



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