Stephen Colbert’s Donald Trump-Inspired Artwork Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

"I was just working through some issues."

Stephen Colbert is still getting to grips with life in the Trump era.

So for Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Late Show,” the comedian underwent a lighthearted session of art therapy in a bid to resolve his issues.

Ostensibly inspired by Vice President Mike Pence’s wife Karen Pence, who is controversially using her status as second lady to promote the artistic form of psychotherapy, Colbert created a series of pieces for licensed art therapist Rachel Brandoff.

But his work was, well, a little bit haunting.

Colbert ended the segment by revealing how he was now auctioning off his work, with all the proceeds going to the American Art Therapy Association.

“For the record, I love my cat and art therapy is not stupid,” he clarified. “I was just working through some issues.”

Watch the full clip above, and check out the auctions here, here and here.