Stephen Colbert Rips Kellyanne Conway For Pushing Ivanka Trump's Products On TV

"There are these vague kind of rules, called laws..."

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert explained on Thursday just why Kellyanne Conway shouldn’t be hawking Ivanka Trump’s products on television.

And it’s all to do with a little thing called “the law.”

Colbert said watching Donald Trump’s trusted adviser push the president’s fashion line on Fox News earlier that day (whilst defending Trump’s attack on Nordstrom for dropping the range) was “weird.”

“Don’t you think it should be against the rules for a White House employee to shill products?” Colbert asked.

“Funny story it is,” he continued, before citing just some of the “vague kind of rules, called laws” that should have stopped Conway from doing it in the first place.

Check out the full segment above.