Stephen Colbert Mocks KTVU Racist Asiana Airlines Gaffe (VIDEO)

On Monday night's "Colbert Report," Stephen Colbert lampooned local TV station KTVU for its racist Asiana Airlines gaffe.

Last week, KTVU anchor Tori Campbell said the station had learned the names of the pilots in the Asiana Airlines flight that crash-landed at San Francisco International Airport earlier this month and killed three people. The names were not only bogus, but also racist and deeply offensive. The station has since apologized to viewers, as has the NTSB, whose summer intern confirmed the fake names for the news station.

Colbert opened the segment by saying everyone involved with the tragic crash landing had his deepest sympathies. KTVU, on the other hand, did not. "I do not care who confirmed these names. It was wrong," Colbert yelled. He repeated the names aloud and said, "This is a Korean airline. Those are Chinese names. That's racist. That's racist, okay? And if you are going to do a racist joke, at least get the ethnicity right."



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