Stephen Colbert Scorches Lara Trump Over Her Hellish Tom Petty Cover

The "Late Show" host ripped the former president's daughter-in-law after she dropped a cover of Petty's song "I Won't Back Down."

Stephen Colbert jokingly declared that Lara Trump is “doing the family name proud” with her cover of Tom Petty’s 1989 hit song “I Won’t Back Down.”

The “Late Show” host on Thursday played part of a studio recording by the former president’s daughter-in-law and showed its cover art, featuring the “Kirkland-brand Gwyneth Paltrow” on a horse.

“Chilling. You can hear the whole track on the new compilation album ‘Now That’s What Lara Trump Claims Is Music! Vol. 1! — On A Horse,’” Colbert joked. “It’s hard to tell but there’s so much autotune there that I think it might’ve been the horse singing.”

The late night host also played a clip of her singing the lyrics “you can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won’t back down” in a recent appearance on Sky News Australia.

“Well I’ve never been to the gates of hell but now I’m pretty sure I know what they sound like,” Colbert quipped.

Lara Trump and husband Eric Trump went after streaming platforms following the song’s release because they claim the track has been “shadow-banned.”

“They wouldn’t put my song on the radio ‘cause it was too ‘political,’” Lara Trump said on Fox News this week.

“Yes, too political. Her singing has been legally designated as domestic terrorism,” Colbert responded.

Check out more of Colbert’s monologue in the clip below.

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