Stephen Colbert's 'Late Show' Premiere Was Just As Fun As 'The Colbert Report'

Nation, he's back.

Stephen Colbert told us he'd have George Clooney as his first guest for the debut of "Late Show," but he forgot to mention a few other things -- mainly, that the old Colbert is back.

Everyone was worried about how Colbert would be on "The Late Show" since he was supposedly dropping his "Colbert Report" character, but rest easy, Nation. If the premiere was any indication, that's not totally the case. 

To open the show, Colbert brought out his old Comedy Central colleague Jon Stewart for an ultra-patriotic rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner."


He then showed off his new studio, which was like the "Colbert Report" studio on steroids, complete with a Captain America shield and a chapel-style ceiling dedicated to Colbert.


And, as always, he wasn't afraid to call out his guests.

(That's what you get for being chill and coming on the show, George! That's what you get!)

The new "Late Show" host went on to fit in hilarious product placements and trash Donald Trump, as the crowd occasionally interrupted with chants of "Stephen! Stephen! Stephen!" As Colbert told Jeb Bush during the show, he may not be necessarily playing a "narcissist conservative pundit" anymore, but he's still got the "narcissist" part down.

It's not technically "The Colbert Report," but c'mon, Stephen ... yeah it is. 


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