Stephen Colbert Talks Super PAC Money On Letterman (VIDEO)

After weeks and weeks of making a mockery of political action committees, handing over ownership to Jon Stewart and taking it back, what exactly did Stephen Colbert end up doing with all that Super PAC money?

On Thursday night's "Late Show," a rarely out-of-character Colbert visited David Letterman to talk about the experience, starting with when he bought a Colbert PAC domain name online and got a call from Comedy Central saying it "could be trouble." Of course Colbert had to follow through with his elaborate joke after that.

Colbert also commented on the absurdly loose spending regulations on Super PACs:

"There's almsot nothing that's against the law when it comes to spending political money," Colbert said. "Short of hookers and blow..."

Watch the clip above, wherein Letterman also grills Colbert on the location of his Super PAC cash stash.