Stephen Colbert Gives New GOP Speaker Holy Hell In Epic Biblical Smackdown

The “Late Show” host has a blunt response to Mike Johnson’s claim about his worldview.

Stephen Colbert on Monday delivered a fact-check to new House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), a Christian fundamentalist who says the Bible represents his worldview on “any issue under the sun.”

“If the Bible is his worldview on any issue, I don’t know why progressives are nervous,” said Colbert. “He’s clearly gonna ask the rich to sell all their possessions and give the money to the poor.”

Colbert ― a devout Catholic who references his Christian faith often ― then gave Johnson a few other examples of what that worldview would really entail.

“Being biblically faithful is not easy for a guy from Louisiana ’cuz now he has to give up shrimp, crab, oysters and barbecue pork,” he said. “And I’m sure he’s gonna miss his wife when she has to be cast out of town during the time of her blood, only to be allowed to return when she brings two turtledoves to the tabernacle for the priest to sacrifice.”

Colbert noted that Johnson has spoken of a literal interpretation of the events in the Bible, including praise for a Noah’s Ark attraction that depicts humans living alongside dinosaurs.

“Yes, many early humans had dinosaurs as pets ― it’s right there in the book of Hanna-Barbera,” Colbert said, referring to the creators of “The Flintstones” cartoon, then offered up a reading.

Check it out in Monday night’s “Late Show” monologue:

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