Stephen Colbert Mocks CNN iReporters With 'Me Reporters' (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert returned to the "Report" after Thanksgiving break Monday night with a newfound admiration for CNN.

Having heard about the cable news network recently laying off dozens of editors and photojournalists because of the success of their "iReporter" coverage, Colbert knew CNN had discovered the true future of journalism:

"Why buy the cow when you can have it shakily videotape its own milk for free?" Colbert asked.

And while CNN's iReporters certainly add some value to the network, a look at some of the viewers' least poignant segments received quite a laugh from Colbert's audience. "I hope someone reports on that picket fence that is so fun to paint," Colbert added, satirizing the willingness of the masses to produce content for "badges" that can't be turned into food or rent.

Not one to be left behind, Colbert also announced his own version of the citizen journalism program, "me Reporters" (and yes, the "T" is still silent). Turning to his "me Reporters 6700" machine, Colbert showed off what some of his beat reporters are already working on. We have to say, it's some pretty hard-hitting stuff.