Stephen Colbert Nails The Worst Possible News About The Monkeypox

The "Late Show" host spots something genuinely alarming.

Stephen Colbert has some bad news about the “hot new virus everybody’s talking about.”

Not the coronavirus. It’s the monkeypox.

And the “Late Show” host spotted something extremely unsettling about the virus: It’s a “genital form” of the infection.

“Now, I’m no doctor,” Colbert pointed out. “But I know that the genital form of something is always the worst possible form.”

Then, he mimicked a doctor giving a patient some bad news.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Smith, it looks like you have a sinus infection ― the genital form,” Colbert said. “Here’s a nasal spray. You’re not gonna like where that goes.”

See more in his Monday night monologue:

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