Colbert Uses Mueller Report To Create The Perfect New Way To Say ‘I’m F**ked’

...and it's totally safe for work.

Stephen Colbert has found a completely safe way to utter one of the worst profanities in just about any situation ― and it comes straight from special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. 

The 448-page document released in redacted form on Thursday contains a single unredacted f-bomb, dropped on Page 290 by President Donald Trump when he learned a special counsel had been appointed in 2017.

Trump told then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions that it would spell the end of his presidency. 

Then, Trump added: “I’m fucked.”   

The “Late Show” host turned the f-bomb’s page number into a new way of expressing the phrase that should be safe in any circumstance or company: 

Colbert also addressed the report on the “Late Show” on Thursday evening.