Stephen Colbert: 'Pieing Humanized Murdoch' (VIDEO)

On Wednesday night's "Colbert Report," Stephen had an interesting take on Rupert Murdoch's parliamentary proceedings this week, specifically Tuesday's pie-throwing incident.

While the entire "News Of The World" scandal has cost Murdoch's Newscorp billions of dollars in market value, comedian and activist Jonnie Marbles' pie attack actually helped him gain $395 million back in five minutes. We can't imagine that's what Marbles had in mind.

According to Colbert, even thought the pie was deflected by Murdoch's "Beautiful adopted Chinese wife Wendy," it "humanized him" in a way that affected shareholders. Aww, Rupie.

"He needs to be hit with more pies!" Colbert concluded, especially after hearing Parliament apologize to Murdoch at the end of the hearing. Watch the full clip to hear some of Colbert's out-of-the-pie ideas.


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