Stephen Colbert Asks Nancy Pelosi If She Has Naked Pictures Of John Boehner

Nancy Pelosi returned to "The Colbert Report" on Monday night to push her agenda of equal pay for women, a higher minimum wage, affordable childcare and infrastructure investment -- and that got host Stephen Colbert wondering just how she plans to get any of it through Congress.

"Do you have naked photos of John Boehner doing something?" Colbert asked. "And if you do, is the tan uniform?"

Pelosi said House Democrats are planning to get it all passed by winning the midterm elections with a new initiative called "Middle Class Jumpstart."

Colbert: When will you start jumping on the middle class?

Pelosi: We're jumping for the middle class.

Colbert: Are you going to raise taxes on guys like me who make millions of dollars a year? Are you going to raise taxes on me?

Pelosi: Let's talk about this. What we have is to stop giving tax breaks to corporations that are shipping jobs overseas, instead give tax breaks to keep good paying jobs here.

Colbert: You know I'm a corporation. That's attacking me. I'm a corporation, and this entire show is written in Malaysia.

For the full interview, watch the clip above first, followed by the clip below.