Stephen Colbert's Scorching Takedown Of Sean Hannity's Adrian Peterson Defense

Stephen Colbert put a spotlight on the absurdity of Sean Hannity's recent belt-spanking NFL rant this week during which the Fox News host defended NFL star Adrian Peterson.

Peterson has been indefinitely suspended from the league amid charges of child abuse. The Minnesota Vikings running back reportedly beat his four-year-old son with a stick, striking him so hard in the legs and genitals that the child was left visibly injured.

But Fox News's Sean Hannity said Monday night that he too was hit with a belt by his father when he was a kid and “he turned out ok.” He then preceded to re-enact his own spanking on air, hitting his desk repeatedly with a belt.

Replaying Hannity smacking his desk over and over, Colbert showed us all just how completely "unaffected he was by his childhood experience that he can't stop mentioning."

"He grew up to be a psychologically healthy adult who cleaves desperately to strong authority figures, lashes out at any perceived weakness and takes his belt off on live TV," Colbert said. "Perfectly normal!"

Watch the video for the full segment on Comedy Central.