Stephen Colbert Talks Political Influence With Oprah: 'Sometimes I Agree With My Character' (VIDEO)

In a rare out-of-character interview, Stephen Colbert sat down with Oprah on Sunday to talk about his Super PAC, the newsmen who inspire him and his ever-baffling influence on American politics.

When asked by Oprah to talk about the "genius" that is his multiple personality approach to satire, a flattered Colbert assured her that although he has influenced both people and politics, that has never been his goal or intention. He mimics pundits like Bill O'Reilly because they often tell people what to think, and in the process he makes his audience think. He calls it "parody with a point," but admits that his real feelings aren't always so far away from those of the people he mocks:

"Sometimes I agree with my character, and it's important to me that the audience not know when that is," he said.

In the same clip above, the "real" Colbert also dishes on his Super Pac that raised over a million dollars this year during his satirical run for President of the United States of South Carolina:

"The great thing about it was that I had no plan. I just wanted to find out what was legal to do with money in politics. And it turns out, almost everything is legal."

Also be sure to watch the second clip below, wherein Colbert discusses how "The Colbert Report" came about as a fake promo on "The Daily Show" and how confusing it gets when people invite him to speak at events because he doesn't know which "Colbert" they're expecting.




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