Stephen Colbert Plays 'The Donating Game' With Kevin Kline To Find Billionaire Donor (VIDEO)

You don't need to know too much about campaign finance to know that political organizations need money -- and a lot of it.

Since Stephen Colbert founded his Super PAC earlier this year, he's been accepting donations from his "Nation" to create political ads, but now he needs a real sugar daddy to keep his comedic experiment in politics going.

Like his hero Karl Rove, Colbert's Super PAC is a 501(c)(4) organization to which unlimited funds may be donated by anonymous donors. Since the FEC doesn't require full disclosure, Colbert likens his 501 (c)(4) to a "Campaign finance glory hole":

"You stick your money in the hole, the other person accepts your donation, and because it's happening anonymously, no one feels dirty!"

Since Colbert can't choose his donor by glory hole on national television (what a shame), he does the next best thing and gets actor Kevin Kline to host a "Dating Game" style game show where anonymous billionaires offer to be Colbert's backer.

It's called "The Donating Game," naturally, and features three potential sugar daddies who you might just recognize.


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