Stephen Colbert Mocks Right-Wingers With A ‘Hot Tip’ For Their Election Conspiracy

The "Late Show" host roasts GOPers trying to intimidate voters ahead of the midterm elections.

Stephen Colbert on Thursday night took on the self-appointed right-wing “poll watchers” who are accused of voter intimidation in multiple states ahead of next week’s midterm elections.

Some are even going door-to-door.

“That is wrong,” Colbert said. “If you’re going to show up to my door and intimidate me, at least let me buy a few boxes of Thin Mints.”

Colbert called some of them “cosplay crossing guards” because they wear special vests and carry fake badges. At some homes, they attempted to interrogate the residents about who lived there. And at one residence, they were accused of demanding the location of the family’s daughter.

“Hot tip,” Colbert said. “The good guys usually aren’t the ones banging on your door screaming: ‘Bring out your daughter!’”

See more in his Thursday night monologue:

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