Stephen Colbert Tackles Vladimir Putin's TV Propaganda

Stephen Colbert said Wednesday night that the people of Crimea have a real problem on their hands now that Russian President Vladimir Putin has "tightened his grip on the Crimean media."

Colbert called out Putin for manipulating Crimean television programs following Russia's military invasion of the Ukraine, which he said is depriving the people of their favorite shows.

"All Ukrainian TV channels have been blocked in Crimea," Colbert said. "Crimeans now have no access to their favorite Ukrainian shows like, 'So You Think You Can Pierogi' and 'The Real Mail Order Wives Of Odessa.'"

People in Crimea are not the only ones that should be worried, Colbert said. He explained that Russia also has a "secret network" in the United States that is feeding pro-Russia propaganda into many homes through the Kremlin-funded network Russia Today. The network has been criticized for its agenda to "slam the West and promote Russian foreign policy."

"Who knew RT was Kremlin-funded propaganda?" Colbert said. "I watch it all the time and I thought it was just another cable news channel with the latest updates on the strength of the Russian people under their visionary leader Vladimir Putin."

"Using media to brainwash foreigners is America's thing!"

Watch the video for the full clip.



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