Stephen Colbert Rails On Treehuggers--Especially Carl Pope

"Have you ever gone all the way with a tree?"

. . . just one of several hard-hitting, inappropriate and consistently hilarious questions Stephen Colbert throws at Huffington Post Green's star blogger and Sierra Club executive director, Carl Pope. Colbert aired an interview with Pope this past Monday night, during his sidesplitting fake-news show, "The Colbert Report."

Eager to "expose" environmental lobbyists or what Colbert calls, "The Fightin Treehuggers," Colbert chides Pope for flying to the interview via airplane, not "spotted owl." Pope responds cool, calm and collected . . .

"Nobody who is human and lives in an industrial society doesn't leave a footprint on the Earth. But you can decide whether your footprint is going to be a small manageable one or a big gross one."

The interview continues as Pope describes George Bush as, "the most horrendous president in American history." Funny, Pope echoes this sentiment in his most recent blog post, "It's Official -- Bush Has Ruined the Market Value of the Whole Country!"

My favorite moment ensues when Colbert sheepishly interrupts Pope's talking point on oxygen to spray himself--for at least 2.5 minutes--with toxic aerosol hairspray and air freshener--hilarious! Though no doubt dizzy from asphyxiation, Pope weathers the noxious prank with poise and purpose, smiling just slightly while playing along.

The interview is simply great, but I'll keep quiet so not to ruin the funniest moments. Watch and enjoy!

Kudos to Pope for being such a trooper and many thanks to co-founder editor of Ecorazzi for sharing this hilarious clip in his post, "Stephen Colbert Goes After The Sierra Club's Carl Pope".