Stephen Colbert Relishes Hitting Fox News' Eric Bolling Below The Belt

His takedown of the accused lewd images sender is just savage.

Stephen Colbert summed up perfectly for Fox News why people in glass houses should not throw stones, especially when it comes to sex scandals.

On the “Late Show” Monday, the comedian blasted the network’s now-suspended host Eric Bolling, who allegedly texted photos of his genitalia to female colleagues at Fox News and Fox Business, HuffPost first reported Friday.

What really got to Colbert was a clip in which Bolling was shown calling serial phallic-photo messenger Anthony Weiner a “sick human being.”

“You know what they say about people who live in glass houses?” Colbert said in the clip above. “It’s really easy to show your junk to the whole neighborhood.”

Oh yeah, best to avoid Bolling’s office on the Fox News tour. Find out why above.