Stephen Colbert Taunts Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Over Coronavirus Screwups

The "Late Show" host rips into the Florida governor over the state's flawed response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Stephen Colbert ripped into Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Tuesday night for his failure to recognize the extent of his state’s coronavirus problems. 

Florida reported 15,300 new cases on Sunday, the highest number of new cases reported by any state in a single day since the pandemic began. The state also topped its own record for deaths on Tuesday with 132. 

But DeSantis dismissed those numbers as a “blip.” 

Colbert showed just what the blip looked like on the charts. 

“If you think that’s just a blip, governor, you’ve got blip for brains,” the “Late Show” host cracked.

Florida will also host the Republican National Convention ― assuming it takes place ― and Colbert just couldn’t believe the plans:

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