Stephen Colbert Names The 'Dumbest Person Ever To Sit In The United States Senate'

The "Late Show" host insisted that most historians agree on this one.

Stephen Colbert gave one U.S. lawmaker a scathing new distinction on Wednesday.

“Most historians agree: Ron Johnson is the dumbest person ever to sit in the United States Senate,” Colbert declared on “The Late Show.”

Newly revealed text messages showed the Wisconsin Republican’s chief of staff tried to arrange a meeting in which Johnson would hand-deliver a slate of fake electors to then-Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence’s office declined.

This week, Johnson claimed “some staff intern” wanted an envelope delivered to the vice president and his office tried to arrange it but he didn’t know who sent it or what it was, according to The Washington Post.

Colbert was incredulous:

“So, he has no idea where it came from, no idea who gave it to them, no idea what it is, but he can’t wait to hand-deliver it to the second-in-command. There could’ve been anything in that envelope, he doesn’t care: fake electors, angry bees, naked pictures of Mary Todd Lincoln. It don’t matter to Ron! He’s just a delivery boy.”

Colbert also said this situation answered a question he’d always had.

“You know those announcements in the airport when they say, ‘Do not carry onto the flight a package for someone you don’t know’? I’ve always wondered who those announcements are for,” he said. “Turns out it’s Ron Johnson.”

See his full takedown below:

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