Stephen Colbert Takes A Scathing Swing At Rudy Giuliani

"The Late Show" comedian jumped into character as Donald Trump's former attorney.

Stephen Colbert took a belated swing at that bizarre video of Rudy Giuliani promoting his Cameo profile on Friday’s broadcast of “The Late Show.”

Colbert revisited the weird clip, which Giuliani tweeted and then deleted earlier this week, by jumping into character as the former New York City mayor and attorney to ex-President Donald Trump.

“We can talk about anything, even about how those who actively seek to destroy their own country face no consequences and can relax on a golf course looking like a happy little potato and culottes, hawking birthday greetings for Merlot money. Click below,” mimicked Colbert.

And the hits kept coming.

Watch Colbert’s full monologue here:

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