Stephen Colbert Reveals Humiliating Step Putin May Take To Save Russia's Economy

Especially since Fitch says Russia now faces sovereign default.

Stephen Colbert said sanctions on Russia are already taking a massive economic toll, with Fitch downgrading Moscow’s credit rating to a single “C.”

“In this case, the ‘C’ stands for what their money is now worth,” the “Late Show” host said on Wednesday. “Crap.”

Fitch warned that Russia now faces sovereign default.

“Russia is about to lose everything and crash with a buddy, I guess,” Colbert said. “Belarus better have a big couch because without a credit rating, the only way they can pay their debt is by holding a garage sale at Lenin’s tomb: Every pickled corpse must go!”


Colbert also noted that Russian shoppers are experiencing limits on essentials, such as flour and sugar.

“That’s gotta be tough on ‘The Great Russian Bake-Off,’” he cracked. “My signature bake today is delicious brownies. Ingredients are potato... and brown.”

See more in his Wednesday night monologue:

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