Stephen Colbert Taunts Putin By Bringing Up Russia's Most Humbling Moment Yet

The "Late Show" host spots a Russian defeat that had his audience cheering.

Stephen Colbert mocked Russian President Vladimir Putin as Russian forces continue to struggle in Ukraine, where they control just 10 percent of the country despite two weeks of relentless assaults.

“Hey Putin,” the “Late Show” host called out. “How do you like them turnips?”

Colbert said Ukraine’s military had shot down 48 Russian planes and 80 helicopters, taken out hundreds of tanks and sunk two naval vessels.

“And get this,” he said. “The Ukrainians didn’t sink just any ship, because the Russian warship that was told to go fuck itself at Snake Island has been destroyed.”

Colbert’s audience cheered.

“It may not have been exactly what the Ukrainians wanted,” he said. “but it did go down on itself.”

See more in his Thursday night monologue:

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